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Episode 2 - Tim Havlock, Darkness429

Tim Havlock aka Darkness 429 is a full-time live streamer, content creator and influencer for triple-A gaming publishers, and husband.

Tim Havlock
Tim Havlock aka Darkness429 
Tim started his streaming career in early 2014 when he started streaming the Titanfall beta. His channel started to quickly grow as the top streamer in the Titanfall directory, which led to him accepting a partnership with Twitch in April of 2014. After some time Tim started to branch out into other game directories like Battlefield 4, which grew his channel even more and positioned him as one of the top streamers for competitive first-person shooters (FPS).

Tim has been recognized as a highly interactive streamer with a high-quality stream and has been contracted by companies to help produce and to be apart of live stream productions. His most recent production was the Battlefield 1 reveal stream, with over 500k viewers watching.

If you would like to visit Tim during his live stream you can catch him on his twitch channel every weekday from 9am-5pm eastern.

You can also find his site at

Episode direct link here.
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