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How You Play the Game

It's not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game.  I've been thinking a lot about this saying.  The older I get, the more real it becomes for me.  My last five years at Electronic Arts has indeed taught me a lot about winning and losing,  Getting things right and getting it wrong.  More importantly, I've come to truly appreciate the people I work with who epitomize collaboration, hard work, open minds, and positive attitudes.  Just about any problem we have is solvable with the people I work with every day.   

There are hundreds more like this that I have worked with over the past few decades. People that most gamers will never hear about, but who shape many of the things we do best.

Star Wars Battlefront Event, 2017
I want to do a show about them.  Not necessarily about the games, or the revenue, or about platforms - but the people in the industry.  I want to hear their stories. How they got into the business. What motivates and inspires them.  What they do - and how did they get good at it?  What keeps them up at night / and what gets them up early in the morning? I want to know how they play the game.

I've signed myself up to do 50 episodes and interviews.  I think it will be fascinating.  I hope so!  If not, there will still be a sizable amount of history recorded - and that will always be a win in my book.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!