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Episode 4: Jon Etheridge / Tony Schnur, Neebs Gaming

We are joined by two of the original gangsters of Neebs Gaming, Tony Schnur and Jon Etheridge.  Neebs Gaming is one of the most successful content channels and comedy teams in video games today.  Their breakout hit Battlefield Friends captivated audiences across the First Person Shooter genre, particularly the EA Battlefield community where it is based.   Their show Doraleous & Associates is a work of comedy, nerd culture gold.

Neebs Gaming was created by five guys (not the fry guys, but funnier) who are Neebs (Brent Triplett), Simon (Bryan Mahoney), Appsro (John Etheridge), Thick (Tony Schnur), and Doraleous (Nate Panning).

This team is dedicated to the best entertainment in video games, funny jokes, long walks on the beach, and World Peace.

Don't miss this incredible episode.

Jon Etheridge and Tony Schnur, Neebs Gaming

Show Notes:
Neebs Gaming:
Doraleous & Associates:
Battlefield Friends:
Dawson's Creek:
Creativity Inc:

Music by Brock Berrigan

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