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Ricky Ray Butler (BEN Agency) and Chris Mancil at NBA Live 18 event at EA Play Hollywood

There are so many amazing people inside of the games industry.  In the United States alone, over 2500 companies and 65,000 employees actively work in the industry generating over $30 Billion dollars in annual revenues.  It's massive and growing.  An entertainment juggernaut.

Yet, gigantic numbers and wall street estimates are only part of the story.  Hundreds of thousands of people make this entertainment medium come to life.  They play unique and critical roles in enabling this artform to flourish. There are also untold histories and personal accounts that are important to capture and consider.

More than anything, this podcast is about the people of gaming.  Why we do it. Why we love it.  What we are getting right - and sometimes what we are not.  Gaming people are awesome, its the only reason most of us can stay sane on this crazy journey.